Wanted was a good action flick if you turned your brain off at the door.  Bullets not flying straight?  yeah right!

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resumes and the lies that they contain.

Everyone has a resume that they send to their prospective employers.  And these days with the unemployment rate so high, the resume has to look perfect to get in the door.  So some people lie on them.
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Harold and Kumar escape

Iron Man

Ok I have been really really slow at going to see this movie.  With all the hype and all I should have been there much earlier.
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new mac

as most of you know I am a big fan of macs. Well I just like stuff that works and works well!

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Street Kings

A movie with Keanu Reeves is never high on my list. He is rarely a good actor. Steet Kings is a different story.

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we still get to kill people

Now the debate about executions has always come up and there is two very strong sides/arguments to the debate. Some people are really for it and some people are really against it. Very few end up in the middle. Well the Supreme Court has recently made comments on it.
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[NSFW] a good shirt for linux

every now and then you see a picture that is worth not a 1,000 words but 2-3,000. And sometimes you just see a cool ass picture.
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about time someone sued the ganstas and thugs

One of the issues with American society today is that our youth love the “gansta” image since it is sooo cool. One person has decided to sue rappers/record labels about it
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another birthday cake

Ok.. here is a battle my mother and I have been having since I was in high school. Well it started before then. Since I was about 9 or 10 I told my mother I didnt need/want a birthday cake. And it wasnt until I was in High School before the “battle of the creative minds” started.

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